Update (Sept. 26, 11:54 p.m. EST):

Focus provided the following statement to XXL:

"I posted something about my PAST. My post was meant to uplift and motivate up and coming creatives. Somehow, my post was reposted and twisted to make people believe that I currently work at UPS. Dre has always been the only cat that believed in me and has been a huge blessing to me and my family. My post was regarding a moment in my life where I left the Math to figure things out. I wasn't happy with the direction of music as a whole, meanwhile the bills still needed to be paid. MY POST HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH DRE SO KEEP HIS NAME AND AFTERMATH OUT OF IT! I made a choice to step back and take a deep look at my career. People, stop believing everything you read without knowing the truth. There are far more important things to focus on..."

Original Story:

Producer Focus made his return to Aftermath Entertainment in 2014 and reunited with Dr. Dre for the 2015 gold-selling album Comptonlending his production talents to no less than eight songs on the LP. But at some point in his career, Focus had to step away from the boards and take a job with UPS.

On Tuesday (Sept. 22), Focus posted a photo of two UPS vests on Instagram, revealing that "life can change in an instant." According to Focus, who's also produced for Beyoncé, Montell Jordan and Joe, a "rough transitional season" and a lack of income from music forced him to pick up a new job.

"I could've sat and let everything fall apart but, I chose to do what needed to be done at that moment and Jehovah blessed my efforts," he wrote. "I worked with one of the coolest cats I have ever met @qhambrick (best boss ever) and this job helped me realize a lot about myself."

He added, "I am willing and able to take care of my family by any means necessary and I am always open to learn new things. True, my plan A was, and is my only plan BUT, when unforseen situations arise, will you sit and sulk in depression or be malleable and use the experiences to help you build a more fortified foundation? These are my reminders... I am not ashamed... Much love, people."

While it's uncertain if Focus is still working for the company or it was an old job, one of the UPS vests reads "seasonal helper," indicating it's a part-time job. In 2016, the producer worked on DJ Mustard's Cold Summer and Damian Lillard's The Letter O.

Check out the producer's Instagram post below. After a message board caught on to his IG account and tried to spin it into a negative thing, Focus responded, and you can see his reaction below as well.

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