DOOM has sampled Sade before during his career, so why not blend these two artists' respective work? Well, that's exactly what British producer Seanh decided to do as he has released a new mash-up EP titled SADEVILLAIN.

The eight track project features some well-crafted mash-ups of DOOM and Sade. One example would be the new track "Silver Spoon," which pairs up DOOM's "My Favorite Ladies" with Sade's "Jezebel." Another sees DOOM's "Raedawn,"which was released under his Viktor Vaughn persona, matched up with Sade's "Nothing Can Come Between Us." The result is the Seanh creation "Hold on Vaughn."

Considering DOOM's penchant for jazzy production, the sultry and smooth vocals of Sade make for a readymade addition to many of his tracks. Ultimately, the SADEVILLAIN is a nice blend of two talented artists. Considering DOOM's lack of musical output these days, this project is a welcomed addition for those craving some new DOOM.

As for when the mysterious DOOM will actually drop some new music, there have been some hints that the long awaited DOOMSTARKS album may finally see the light of day. Ghostface Killah posted a painting of the duo a few weeks ago, which stoked the flames of the hype machine's fire. Ghostface previously said he would like to drop the album in February, but that has obviously passed.

DOOM also released a strange video last November which saw him promising some new music was on the way. "Lot of good shit coming up this year… and any year,” he said while traveling through St. Lucia and Cube. Until something concrete arrives, fans will simply have to get by on unofficial releases like SADEVILLAIN.

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