Doja Cat is getting backlash for wearing a shirt with the face of controversial comedian Sam Hyde.

Doja Cat Gets Backlash for Wearing Shirt With Sam Hyde Image

Doja Cat is trolling her fans again. This time, she caught the ire from fans after posting a photo on her Instagram page of herself wearing a shirt with the image of controversial comic Sam Hyde, who is reportedly linked to the alt-right movement.

In the since-deleted photo, which she posted on Friday (Oct. 6), the Scarlet album creator appears to be in her car and is looking directly into the camera. Near the right-side corner is the photo of the meme image of Sam Hyde. According to Insider, Doja also posted a slightly blurry selfie on her Instagram Story of herself wearing the shirt showing Hyde's face and him holding a rifle.

Sam Hyde is a comedian and writer, who co-penned the sketch-comedy show Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, which premiered on Adult Swim in 2016. Pitchfork reported that the show was canceled after one season after the program was criticized for promoting racism and sexism and containing bigoted content.

After Doja Cat took her photo down, she uploaded another pic of herself sticking her tongue out with Sam Hyde's image cropped out. In the caption, which can be seen below, she posted multiple rolling eyes emojis.

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Fans React to Doja Cat Wearing a Shirt With an Image of Sam Hyde

Dozens of people were not pleased with Doja Cat rocking a shirt with Sam Hyde's face on it. Several people questioned whether the eccentric rapper supports the alt-right movement, while others believed that Doja was simply trolling her fans.

"If you have alt-right affiliations, you may as well be a nazi. I don't care whether it's 'just trolling' or some shit like that, if you're spreading nazi rhetoric, you're a f**king nazi. F**k Sam Hyde and f**k Doja Cat for promoting him," tweeted one person who didn't like the photo.

Another fan wrote: "I don’t think doja cat is actually anti-semitic i think she just relates to Sam Hyde’s attention seeking troll stuff, that being said she def seems like the kinda person to think that someone’s 'too emotional' if they get offended by someone being racist or anti-semitic."

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See Doja Cat's photos below.

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