When Doe B was gunned down three-and-a-half years ago, his death resounded throughout the rap community. So it shouldn't be too shocking to see that a lot of people are very upset with the cover for No Life After Death, Doe B's upcoming posthumous album, that the late rapper's manager Frank White posted to Instagram.

The cover that's caused so much controversy features a picture of the late rapper in an open casket, apparently being taken at the eye-patch-wearing rapper's funeral years ago. You can see the cover for yourself below.

The mother of Doe B's children, Dariauna Dior, took issue with the cover and called White out on it. After, he deleted the IG posts of the cover and said Doe B's album would no longer be coming out.

While rap has definitely seen its fair share of controversial album covers, this one might have taken things to a new level, and people had no problems letting their feelings on the matter be known.

Karen Civil was straight to the point on the matter, tweeting, "Doe B album cover is disturbing." Another user tweeted, "Doe b new album cover is a pic of him in his casket. ...I'm disgusted." Unsurprisingly, the tweets didn't get more positive from there.

Today, XXL takes a look at how some people have responded to the cover for Doe B's new album. Check out what people had to say about the controversial cover in our gallery below.

iamdjfrankwhite via Instagram
iamdjfrankwhite via Instagram

Doe B's Posthumous Album Cover Sparks Controversy

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