Yesterday, we reported Damon Feldman, had cancelled DMX and George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match. A day removed from the decision, it looks the promoter has had a change of heart.

In an interview with The Source, the businessman explained: “I sent those tweets because I went through an emotional situation. I looked at my kids and I got emotional. I didn’t sleep for three days because I’m trying to figure out how this thing happened. As of right now, the fight is not canceled."

According to Feldman, the fight would be "life altering" for his career, and would enable him to provide for his family. In his own words: "If I didn’t do this and I did call it off, who’s gonna take care of my kids and family? If I couldn’t do this, who’s gonna put food on my table? I understand the blood money thing, but if I don’t do this, someone else will."