DJ Quik just dropped his Rosecrans EP with Problem last month, but the producer is already back in the studio and with familiar friends at that. "Okay, My fans asked and so today in the studio: @SugaFreeWisdom," Quik wrote on Instagram on Monday (May 9).

Quik produced Suga Free's debut album Street Gospel in 1997, with the two collaborating frequently throughout the early 2000s. Quik followed up that initial IG post, what was simply an image of a keyboard, with a video with Suga Free ripping out pages from his book of rhymes. "This Guy is 'Everything' in the studio. @sugafreewisdom is a GEEnius," he captioned the video. In it, Suga is his typically animated self, saying as he tears out pages from his spiral notebooks, "This all game. One after the other. And I don't even write no more."

The Instagram posts come just a few weeks after DJ Quik offered comment on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, saying first, “So his celebrity supersedes his talent right now? Yes. C’mon, he’s a Kardashian now." He later clarified his comment saying, "We love good music and just lately, you know, his music hasn’t been lighting my fire. And I’m a fan” and "I expected something better with all the hype that was behind it…whatever the backlash is, I’m just being honest. I gotta be true to myself.”

Perhaps Quik was inspired to produce something better himself and linked back up with old pal Suga Free. From the looks of the above video, those in the studio at the time were enjoying themselves, and time will tell if there is any musical outcome from the session.

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