You might not know his face or that giant bejeweled condiment that hangs from his neck, but DJ Mustard is one of the most in-demand producers out right now. The Los Angeles-bred beatsmith has crafted some of the hottest beats for the streets, the clubs, your ears, your cousin’s ears, whatever. It’s only been a few short years, but Mustard’s catalog is significant.

While much of his work exists with artists like Tyga, Young Jeezy, and most recently YG, DJ Mustard has created a signature sound for himself that every rapper wants on their albums. We’ve compiled 20 of DJ Mustard’s hottest beats. If you’re not familiar with Mustard, you’d better “ketchup.” Get it? Mustard on the beat, ho. --KI

“Rack City” Tyga
Who knew that all it took was one solidly intimidating beat to get the world to rock with Tyga? Well, “Rack City” did it, and it was all thanks to Mustard. Tyga got his second wind and now he’s a force to be reckoned with.

“I’m Different” 2 Chainz
Simple keys from the right side of the piano mixed with snappy snares was all 2 Chainz needed to sound…different. Of course once the beat erupts into an electro-symphony you know it’s game over.

“R.I.P.” Young Jeezy Featuring 2 Chainz
Garbled basslines and teeny blips hug Jeezy on his hit single. So what if he sounds like Swizz Beatz on the hook, right?

“Headband” B.o.B. Featuring 2 Chainz
B.o.B. reached a point in his career where he needed a solid hip-hop soundbed to remind everyone that the Grand Hustle star was way more than his “Airplane” success story. And so it happened with the whistles of “Headband.”

“My Nigga” YG Featuring Young Jeezy And Rich Homie Quan
Whether you call this track “My Hitta” or the more explicit alternative, you know the joint knocks. The electro-bounciness on the beat arguably helped make this one YG’s breakout single.

“Show Me” Kid Ink Featuring Chris Brown
At first, “Show Me” sounds like a freestyle song from the ‘90s, especially with the Chris Brown hook. There’s an air of nostalgia and a futuristic vibe, all on one track.

“Shirt By Versace” Kirko Bangz Featuring YG, French Montana & G-Haze
It doesn’t take a shirt by Versace to make the beat sound expensive. With chants, blips, and slippery basslines, Mustard helped Kirko Bangz land another hit.

“Paranoid” Ty Dolla $ign & Joe Moses
Is it possible to make a beat sound paranoid? Because that’s exactly what DJ Mustard did for Ty Dolla $ign. It’s tough to make a beat evoke such a specific emotion, but Mustard succeeded here.

“Throw It Up” Tyga
“Throw It Up” starts with a nasty growl before transforming into a slick cut where Tyga sing-songs along the beat. Anything is possible when Mustard crafts your track.

“Midnight Run” Royce The Choice, Skeme And Casey Veggies
This joint off DJ Mustard’s Ketchup literally captures the sound of midnight with whispers, trippy blips and snaps. Who needs a watch when Mustard tells you what time it is?

“Burn Rubber” Joe Moses And YG
“Burn Rubber” sounds like an electronic bell is ding-donging along to some claps while Joe Moses and YG hook up some burning bars. Once again, Ketchup wins.

“This D” TeeFLii
Don’t let the ridiculous title fool you, DJ Mustard gave TeeFLii a solid hit. The beat rumbles against cowbells. There’s always room for more cowbells right?

"Helluva Night” Ludacris
Ludacris needed a beat like this so that we can remember the same dude who gave us “Southern Hospitality.” Now he has another hit to throw bows over.

“Bitches Ain’t Shit” YG Featuring Tyga And Nipsey Hussle
If you sample Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s “The Roach” then you’re probably awesome. So in conclusion, DJ Mustard is awesome. YG too.

“Gettin’ Tho’d” Paul Wall Featuring Kid Ink And YG
The dark rolling drums on “Gettin’ Tho’d” make you want to get tho’d with Paul Wall and the gang. Whatever that means.

“Hit Em Up” Tyga Featuring Jadakiss And Tupac
Let’s not front… Saying “Tupac” is on a song called “Hit Em Up” will bring ears to the song. However, it’s DJ Mustard’s solid instrumental that keeps you there.

“Strong” Young Dro
So there’s medicinal marijuana, marijuana that’s illegal in most States, and audio marijuana. Mustard done did it again.

“All The Same” Young Jeezy Featuring E-40
DJ Mustard pulled Jeezy from his comfort zone by throwing in some R&B vibes on his joint with E-40. It ended up working tenfold as the two rode the soundbed with precision and the result was a powerful track.

“Game Over” Red Café
DJ Mustard took the most threatening sounds he could find and put them on this track so that it earned the title “Game Over.” It literally sounded like that doomsday beat you hear on video games when you know you’ve lost.

“Up Down (Do This All Day)” T-Pain Featuring B.o.B.
Electronic strings hug this track as T-Pain’s Auto-Tuned hums fill in the blanks. The result is an accidental club anthem.