DJ Mustard is taking fans back to his Cold Summer album by dropping a video for the standout cut "Ridin Around" featuring Nipsey Hussle and RJ. The producer joins the two MCs for a ride around Los Angeles while they kick some rhymes.

"Dug it out the mud like a forklift/I'm with some balling ass Bloods, some cold Crips/Don't get drugged out the club like a coat, bitch/I turn L.A. into Antarctica/The nigga switched on me, it's like an audible/Dodging a fed, it ain't affordable/My pull up game came with a urinal/Extendo for certain/40s with the 30s like it's Harlem's on Vernon/Cause niggas up in L.A. burbs/These rappers want me to diss 'em, help 'em sell they merch," RJ raps.

XXL caught up with RJ last year to learn about how he linked up with DJ Mustard. The South Central native credits his manager for making the connection.

“My manager Lemmie, he hooked me up with everything,” RJ told XXL about meeting DJ Mustard and YG. “When I came into the picture this wasn’t RJ the artist, I was just the homie. He wasn’t even my manager yet. He was they homie. Their brand became a corporation and I was the homie that was hard as fuck and they said, ‘I’mma fuck with you.’ It’s really simple how we all met. We met in the streets and we took it to another plateau.”

DJ Mustard's Cold Summer can be purchased now on iTunes. And if you want to hear some more from RJ, make sure to check out his O.M.M.I.O. 3 mixtape.

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