DJ Mustard might be known for his distinctive West Coast sound, but his style knows few bounds. That's a point he makes emphatically with Don't Box Me, a new three-track EP featuring remixes of popular tracks from Lil Uzi Vert, Childish Gambino and Khalid. Check out the new remix EP below.

The new project finds Mustard infusing tracks like Uzi's "XO TOUR Llif3," Gambino's "Red Bone" and Khalid's "Location" with elements of electronica without compromising the essence of the original songs.

Mustard's version of "XO TOUR Llif3" retains the woozy feeling of Uzi's, but intermittently injects the track with some vocal distortions and speeds up the instrumental, making it sound like its been injected with adrenaline. The same can be said about his "Location" and "Redbone" remixes. Ultimately, it's a dope display of versatility for a guy so inextricably linked to the sound of the modern West Coast.

Mustard's been up to some good things lately. Last month, Meek Mill dropped his Ty Dolla $ign and Chris Brown-assisted "Whatever You Need," and Mustard's the one behind the beat for the track. Before that, he reunited for YG on "Pop It Shake It," a strip club anthem if there ever was one.

We know Mustard can make rap and R&B beats with equal ease, but check out how he handles EDM in the tracks below.

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