DJ Muggs earlier this month dropped Soul Assassins: Dia del Asesinato, his first solo album since 2013, and among the project's standout tracks is "Assassination Day" featuring MF Doom and Kool G Rap. Muggs on Friday (Aug. 10) released an animated video for the song that enacts a hypothetical assassination of Kanye West.

The black-and-white visual opens to the tune of an ominous guitar loop, with the shooter loading his rifle into a "Leon's Cleaning Service" van and driving to his lookout. Along the way, he observes police punching a handcuffed black man and protesters holding signs that read "Slavery Was A Choice" before ultimately pulling the trigger at a presidential campaign rally. Yeezy takes a bullet to the forehead and the clip closes with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin laughing together at the television broadcast.

It's a grim story soundtracked by Doom's verse. Starks laces Muggs' beat with bars that express exhaustion at White supremacy and propose responding to hatred with sarcasm and nursery rhymes.

"Lyrics clear the pipes like Drano/Witness pure hate like spit goin' over Raimo/A good response would be to wave 'hi' like Maino/Or it could be whatever dog—Bingo was his name-o," he raps.

It's a slightly different approach from that taken by West, who has endorsed polarizing conservaive figures on Twitter and declared Trump his "brother." During a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye compared himself wearing the president's "Make America Great Again" hat to Galilelo Galilei declaring that the Earth revolves around the sun.

Anyway, Muggs tapped New York legends and upstarts alike for his latest full-length. Raekwon, Mayhem Lauren, Mach-Hommy, Hus Kingpin, Eto and Freddie Gibbs appear alongside Doom and Kool G.

You can watch Muggs' "Assassination Day" video and listen to Dia del Asesinato below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist and cover art.


DJ Muggs' Soul Assassins: Dia del Asesinato Tracklist

1. "Santa Muerte"
2. "Day Of The Dead" featuring Kool G Rap
3. "Assassination Day" featuring MF Doom, Kool G Rap
4. "Yacht Party" featuring Raekwon
5. "Black Snow Beach" featuring Raekwon, Mayhem Lauren
6. "Blue Horseshoes" featuring Mach-Hommy
7. "Contagion Theory" featuring Mach-Hommy
8. "Wally Face" featuring Hus Kingpin
9. "Duck Sauce" featuring Eto
10. "Niggas Is Pussy" featuring Mayhem Lauren
11. "Death Wish" featuring MF Doom, Freddie Gibbs
12. "Outro"

Soul Assassins Records
Soul Assassins Records

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