Although Father's Day is behind us, we shouldn't stop for a moment to be thankful for our dad. And for some fathers, the love for their children continues to be shown at new heights as evidenced in this new video of DJ Khaled rapping his version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" for his son Asahd.

Being a father for only eight months, DJ Khaled is in the running as the unofficial hip-hop Father of the Year. He not only constantly records his interactions with his son on Snapchat (as any proud parent would), but also held Asahd on the cover of XXL's 2017 Spring issue and named him the executive producer on his upcoming album, Grateful

But this week, DJ Khaled remixes a well-known lullaby with his signature ad-libs and new lines to make sure Asahd understands how much he means to him. After each line of the original song, Khaled either fires off a drop like "We da best" or "Another one," or a new line entirely.

Khaled is known to go above and beyond to show his dedication. That includes the time he played Justin Bieber in street hockey to get the hook for the song "I'm the One."

Watch Khaled's cover of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" below. We can only assume that he was wearing a pair of his own Air Jordans during the taping of this song.

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