When artists decide to pursue their dreams in music, they also—knowingly or not—sign up to come under scrutiny to the highest degree at all times. It's a tradeoff that some continue to mismanage. But for DJ Khaled, his run leading up to and after the release of his album Grateful has been gracefully executed—until today. At an album signing at a Best Buy in Houston, he kept things a little too professional with his behavior for some fans' liking.

After the first week of the release of Grateful, DJ Khaled brought out Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper and Quavo at the BET Awards then started to hit up cities across the country including Houston and Miami to meet his fans. While at the Houston signing at Best Buy, DJ Khaled was candidly recorded signing albums. During the 30-second edited clip, Khaled doesn't look at the fan once but rather stares ahead into the camera then immediately checks his phone for each picture. He doesn't look up for the picture for any of the fans shown in the clip.

The response on social media has been critical, as expected. It seems very odd that an artist like DJ Khaled would act so cold to his fans on the surface, though there are of course other videos of him showing love to his fans from the same event. DJ Khaled hasn't spoken on the event with anything but positive thoughts via Twitter.

You can watch the video of DJ Khaled awkwardly signing albums below, as well as a video that tells a different story a.k.a. the video they don't want you to see.

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