Major offspring alert! DJ Khaled will be able pass along his sage advice and motivational wisdom to more than his Snapchat followers, as TMZ reports that the hit record maker and social media strategist is going to be a father for the first time this fall. Khaled and his fiancee Nicole are reportedly three months into the pregnancy with what will be the first child for either parent.

Khaled, who has turned announcements into an artform in recent months, has yet to comment on the news, with his Twitter and Instagram feeds currently filled with posts and updates from the Beyonce's Formation tour, which Khaled is a part of. Followers of his Snapchat stories know that Khaled at times will film his conversations with his fiancee and sometimes even their arguments, frequently saying "Don't worry, I got us." It will be interesting then to see what sort of access Khaled gives fans as he documents the pregnancy.

Khaled has no doubt elevated his celebrity through Snapchat, coining numerous phrases, turning those phrases into merchandise and walking away with new business ventures seemingly by the week. As his brand has expanded so too will his family. All congratulations and well wishes are extended to Khaled and Nicole as they embark on this new journey together.

Major Key, Khaled's next album, is expected to drop in the coming months, with him telling XXL recently, "Of course Jay Z and Future is on it. Yes, I went to the studio with Jay Z and Future and I put together a serious anthem, but I have some other ones as well… [laughs]. Stay tuned. Be ready!"

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