After focusing strictly on starring in big budget block buster films for the past two decades, the rap bug has once again caught Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince and the 47-year-old entertainer will be working on a new album soon with partner DJ Jazzy Jeff. Jeff recently spoke with Rolling Stone on the possibility of a new album dropping for the first time in 22 years, and his response should make fans of the duo happy.

“It could be any time like, I'm home for two weeks and we're going to get together and do something. That could really start off with me sending him something and him recording it and then us getting together,” said Jeff. “But the only way that I will [record the finished track] is if we are in the studio together. That's how it's always been. I’m not worried about me at all. I think the beauty of it is that he started it, and he's ready to go.”

According to Jeff, despite the output of music, Will has been keeping his skills sharp. “Let me put it like this: You don't retire from an art," he added. "This has always been inside of him and he's always wanted to do this. He has never stopped rapping.”

The signs that Will Smith is ready to go into the phone booth and emerge as The Fresh Prince have been all over the wall with Smith performing old songs with more frequency and recently adding a new verse to Bomba Estereo’s “Fiesta.” Will announced that he has recorded several songs with Kanye West, back in February. Now it seems like his comeback is imminent.

As a duo, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince have dropped six albums including Rock the House (1987), He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper (1988), And in This Corner... (1989), Homebase (1991) and Code Red (1993), and put out hip-hop classics like "Summer Time." They won the first Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance in 1989 for "Parents Just Don't Understand."

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