Dizzy Wright is counting the days. On "Train Your Mind," Funk Volume's secret weapon frames his life in long-running release schedules. Throughout the song, a droning voice reminds you that it's been exactly "20 years since 1995," while Dizzy rattles off the albums that dropped that year and became formative experiences for him: Tupac's Me Against The World, E-40's In A Major Way and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's E. 1999 Eternal, to be exact. Wright's writing is reactive, and engages with not only the classics, but Kendrick Lamar's "i," CNN's coverage of last year's racially-charged unrest in the Midwest and a host of other present-tense concerns.

But in the video, which also dropped today (Feb. 18), Wright takes it even farther back than the mid-'90s. In what might as well be a period piece, he dances alone in what could be the dressing room of an old-time theater, dinner jacket game on 100. "I wouldn't be surprised if my future killer's a Black man," he raps, before imploring the listener to "wake up." There are third-eye references, promises to "keep it real," and more hallmarks of rap conservatism; fortunately, Wright breathes some life and vitality into the track, making it play decidedly more current and less stuffy than it otherwise might.

In conjunction with the video, Wright announced the title of his second official solo album, The Growing Process. It has yet to see a proper release date, but it is expected out in the first half of this year.