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Hopsin Feels Like He Has Something to Prove on His New Album
Hopsin is mid-sentence, talking about his plans to go out on tour with his Funk Volume labelmates Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton later this year, when he stops himself and trails off. "My mom's calling me," he says, reaching into his pocket for his phone with a slightly embarr…
10 Life Lessons From Dizzy Wright
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Dizzy Wright’s New Album Is Coming Out in May
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Dizzy Wright’s New Album Is Coming Out in May
Funk Volume artist Dizzy Wright has announced that his new album, The Growing Process, will be released next month, on May 26. The album is preceded by singles "Train Your Mind" and "Floyd Money Mayweather," the latter of which pays tribute to the champion bo…
Hopsin Is Quitting Rap And Moving To Australia
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