Dizzy Wright has been on a roll lately. Last year, he released his Wisdom and Good Vibes EP and now he's back with more music. On the song “Ghetto Nigga," which dropped in June, he detailed his time being homeless when he was younger. In his new visual for his track “JOB,” produced by Alex Lusting, Dizzy spends the day as a homeless man attempting to make an honest living.

The video features the 26-year-old rapper going through a day in his life without a roof over his head. He wakes up in the grass at a public park, brushes his teeth in the water fountain and carries around a sign saying “Good Vibes for $1” in a crowded train station. Most of the people passing by don’t recognize the rapper, save for one fan who waves at him.

Once Dizzy earns enough money, he heads over to the barbershop and gets a new haircut. Afterwards, he changes into a fresh white shirt and goes to the local pizza spot and fills out a job application. The video ends with Dizzy, back in the park where he lays his head, presumably reflecting on the day’s events and hoping to get hired.

The song will appear on Dizzy's The Golden Age 2, dropping Aug. 11. In a tweet promoting the video, the rhymer's goal is to connect with the people. “Hope y’all feeling the record and the message. #stillmovin.” The video has amassed more than 38,000 views on YouTube so far and continues to climb.

Watch Dizzy Wright's video for "JOB" below.

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