Diplo is sitting on a lot of MF heat. He's about to release some of it in the form of a new hip-hop EP that he plans to drop later on this month that features Lil Yachty, D.R.A.M. and more.

As previously reported, Dip first brought the project up back in June during a sit down with Zane Lowe. Among other projects, he mentioned being in possession of some fire rap records he wanted to release to the public. “I’m doing like a four song…just hip-hop records I’ve done over the last year that didn’t really fit anywhere,” he said. “Post Malone has got one. Santigold [and] Lil Yachty. Desiigner did a dope ass record.” He added, “Oh my god, I got a song with D.R.A.M. It’s so good.”

Lo recently sat down for an interview with iHeart Radio and gave an update on the project. "Diplo's always working on things here and there, but you never know. I have an EP coming out actually next month," he said in the interview that was recorded in late July. "All a bunch of rap music. Desiigner's on it, D.R.A.M., Lil Yachty."

He added, "I'm just always working the studio. I did a lot of rap music this last year. I did a record from Lil Yachty that came out. I'm just always working on songs and there are just records that they kind of didn't fit on their album, so [I] just had to put them out myself."

Hopefully, the unreleased record with Drake will make its way onto the new project.

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