Diddy doesn’t seem too phased by reports that his channel Revolt TV is experiencing poor viewership. Earlier this week his network announced it inked a new multiplatform deal with Verizon FiOS. Huffington Post reports that this new partnership will add the 24-hour music channel to the cable service provider’s FiOS TV Ultimate HD package on Channel 726 HD and launching on Verizon's FiOS Mobile App later this month.

The mogul released a statement on Tuesday shining light on his new business deal, as well as the top cable providers who will carry the network.

“On Monday, September 29th we announced a deal with Verizon FiOS establishing REVOLT as the dominant player in music television today. Verizon’s vote of confidence marks another win for REVOLT and solidifies our place as the new #1 name in music. But our growth won’t stop here – we will continue to deliver a Millennial audience to cable providers across the country, building a platform that amplifies the art form and celebrates the culture of music.

With our late October debut on Verizon FiOS, REVOLT will now be available in 46 of the top 50 U.S. markets on Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Centurylink and SuddenLink. ‎This timing is significant because it coincides with our one-year anniversary on-air. We have worked hard to get to this point and I am excited to celebrate this milestone at the inaugural REVOLT Music Conference Oct 16-19 in Miami Beach.

On this journey to make REVOLT a household name, we are most excited to join a cable provider that understands and programs for young adults. As we have set the goal to be accessible 24/7, anytime, anywhere, on one billion devices, our new relationship with Verizon FiOS represents an opportunity larger than cable alone, taking us to their digital and mobile platforms that are heavily used by our audience of young music fans and artist. We look forward to welcoming additional viewers as part of our REVOLT Nation."

The new deal with Verizon FiOs, which launches later this month, comes just in time for the Revolt TV’s one-year anniversary. To celebrate it, the network is holding an inaugural Revolt Music Conference Oct. 16-19 in Miami.

“The Revolt Music Conference is really for something different. It’s for the next me, or the next Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, or Jay Z, where you want to come to a place and invest in yourself,” he said Wednesday on Access Hollywood. “When I was coming up I was an intern and I went to this music conference called Jack The Rapper. And the information that I got at the music conference was currency for me. It helped me to go and launch my career.”

He also added the event is more than a music conference. “It’s a music, media, also digital conference, because that’s where it all lies when you’re launching music right now.”