Revolt TV isn’t causing as much riot as Diddy expected. According to the New York Post Comcast and Time Warner Cable have put a halt to expanding the music station due to its low ratings.

The major companies have been having a hard time convincing other companies to pick up Revolt. Since its creation nearly a year ago it has had growing its viewership beyond its original 25 million.

TV industry executives claim Revolt’s inability to grow has also decreased its cash flow.

“Like most start-ups, you have challenges of growing the business,” CEO Keith Clinkscales said in an interview on Thursday (Sept 18). “The good news is that we had deals in place with Comcast and Time Warner Cable. They have been excellent partners. However, the merger discussions caused the whole industry to slow down. There’s a general wait and see on a lot of things.”

In addition to its struggle with viewership is its trouble to gain advertisers. The CEO claims that they are looking for funding and are trying to find the "best ways to optimize" what they have.

Back in 2012 Comcast voluntarily committed to carrying the channel when it merged with NBCUniversal as part of an initiative to carry minority-owned channels. The merge helped Revolt TV get off the ground, as did Time Warner Cable.