Diddy is rolling with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao. How sure is he that The Money Team will secure a victory? He recently bet Mark Wahlberg a cool $250,000 that the fast talking, lavish life living undefeated champ would be the last man standing. Yesterday, the rap mogul posted a video to his Instagram account that shows him ans Wahlberg mulling over the fight. After they reveal their respective opinions on who the victor will be, Puff offers, "You want to put $100,000 on it?" The actor and former MC returns, "Why so little?" The Bad Boy owner then ups the ante to $250,000 to which they both agree upon with a touching of Aquahydrate bottles.

Combs isn't the first rap mogul to reveal a large scale bet on the upcoming match dubbed, "The Fight of the Century." 50 Cent recently revealed on The Breakfast Club that he would bet in the range of $1.6 million on Money May, with whom he recently settled a petty beef. One thing is for sure, on May 2 there will be a lot of people who have to come out of their pocket.