Yesterday (June 22), rapper, producer and mogul at large Diddy was arrested following an altercation with an assistant coach at a UCLA football practice. Though he has reportedly posted $50,000 bail, he has also been charged in the incident. According to TMZ, Puff is facing one count each of battery and making terrorist threats, and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. (As was previously reported, the weapon of choice was a kettlebell, the strength training device that resembles a round weight with a handle for lifting.)

More details have come about the incident itself. Apparently, Bruins strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi--the same Sal Alosi who resigned from the New York Jets after he tripped a Miami Dolphins player during a punt return--had told Diddy's son, Justin Combs, to sit out the rest of a drill after showing what he deemed to be a lackluster effort. (The younger Combs is a junior defensive back.) The No Way Out star didn't take kindly to this, and the pair confronted Alosi in the latter's office after practice. When the coach told Justin he would speak to him, but not his father, Diddy threatened to "fuck up" the coach. The fight began in earnest after the elder Combs walked directly into Alosi's hands; the latter claimed he raised them in a non-threatening manner. Alosi suffered "cuts and bruises."

A source with knowledge of the situation told TMZ that they expect the charges against Diddy to be dropped, but that he will no longer be allowed at UCLA practices.

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