Meek Mill and Diddy have gotten extremely close lately, collaborating on songs like "I Want The Love" and  the "We Dem Boyz (Remix)." As the two have also been spotted hanging together on multiple occasions, many are wondering where exactly their relationship lies and if, in fact, Diddy has any part in Meek Mill's upcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

XXL caught up with Meek prior to his parole violation sentencing and the rapper had this to say about Diddy's influence on the upcoming album, "I want to say really he go hard as far as like promoting...he’s behind it a 100 percent. Sometimes I’ll be in the studio and I might play 20 songs. He’ll be like I like this song or I don’t like this song, or he might not like a song I like. You know its always good to have one of the O.G.’s giving criticism on your work I think."

A few months back, Khaled also spoke about his participation on Meek's LP, unveiling that they have over 20 songs in the bank. Out of the 20, or 15 according to Meek, he says he's sure quite a few made the album. "Me and Khaled did about 15 songs in three days," said Meek. "I was just going in the booth knocking them out. I think he played a major part in the 15 songs cause out of 15 songs, five of them made the album for sure."

Last week, Meek Mill was sentenced to several months in jail for a parole violation. A Philadelphia judge ordered the rapper to spend three to six months behind bars because they  felt his behavior while on parole was not up to par.

Dreams Worth More Than Money is due out Sept. 9-Miranda Johnson (@randa_writes)