Detroit rapper Dex Osama was shot and killed last month outside of a strip club in his hometown. Now some details are starting to emerge as to the events that led up to the fatal shooting. According to court testimony, Osama dumped a bottle of champagne on his stripper girlfriend in the club shortly before he was killed.

The girlfriend, Chantell Sturdivant, testified at a pre examination hearing for the case on Friday (Oct. 23), reports the Detroit Free Press. While on stand she told her account of the events that night. According to Sturdivant, she was working at Crazy Horse gentleman's club on Michigan Ave, the night of the crime, Sept. 7. Dex, and up-and-coming rapper, was in attendance. At one point, she was about to dance for a man, but was signaled not to by the rapper. When she approached Dex, he angrily poured a bottle of champagne on her and told her get dressed, she told the court. "When he poured the champagne on me, I ran to the back," she said. She later testified to hearing a single gun shot while she was in the dressing room.

Two men, Otis Davis, 46 and Dietrick Odums, 31, have been charged with multiple crimes related to the rapper's death including open murder, assault with intent to murder and possession of a firearm by a felon. Police believe two groups of individuals got into a confrontation in the club which later moved outside. Osama was shot and later pronounced dead upon arrival to a nearby hospital.