Desiigner pulls up in a carefree Yoni Lappin-directed new visual for his and Mura Masa's dope new single "All Around the World." The track is all set to appear on the UK-based producer's forthcoming self-titled debut album.

In the new visual, which was filmed in one long shot in a California beachside parking lot, we see Desiigner having himself a grand old time as he dances about with the frenetic energy we've come to expect from the BK rapper. Nearby, we see dancers dressed as cheerleaders performing a routine, two men playing basketball, another two in their whips circling the parking lot and a small boy riding around on his tricycle.

The video for "All Around the World" perfectly matches the feel-good vibes of the song it was made for, with a dope juxtaposition of adults and children just cooling out by the beach as the sun's about to rise. It's a nice look for a song that sounds like a call for adventure.

“This goes for all around the world/Till the world is gone/This goes all around the world/So we carry on," Desiigner belts out in the hook.

The "All Around the World" visual is also another reason to be excited about Mura Masa's album, which includes his A$AP Rocky-assisted track, "Love$ick." The LP all set to drop on July 14, and you can pre-order it on iTunes here.

Watch Mura Masa and Desiigner's "All Around the World" video for yourself below.

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