Although they're probably easier to take for granted now, Desiigner's adlibs, the ones he's routinely pulled out during interviews since he stepped into the spotlight almost two years ago, should be treated as a performance unto themselves. One woman who happened to take in the G.O.O.D. Music rapper's recent red carpet interview did just that.

Delivering an interview on a red carpet somewhere in Asia, a reporter requested that Desiigner deliver his signature adlibs, and the rapper obliged. In the midst of the adlib-uttering, the woman began bobbing her head up and down to the rhythm of Desiigner's rapidly onomatopoeias as if he were actually rapping. The result was a priceless viral clip that's now made its way around the internets.

This interview, and the moment that came from it, arrived just as Desiigner was once again saying he'd be collabing with South Korean boy band, BTS. He actually met the group at the Billboard Music Awards back in June. There's no word on when the collab is coming.

What there has been word on comes from Desiigner himself. Recently, the rapper claimed he was dropping a joint project with PnB Rock. He tweeted about the alleged project a few weeks back, but he hasn't offered any real evidence it's happening. For now, we can just wait for Life of Desiigner.

Peep the video of a woman hilariously rapping along to Desiigner's adlibs below.

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