After revealing the cover for his debut studio album, L.O.D.a few days ago, Desiigner pulls up with "Arms," a new cut that finds the G.O.O.D. Music rapper playing the role of a gun runner. Check out the new banger for yourself below.

Desiigner, who performed at the 2017 Panorama Festival a short while ago, originally announced the new track with a tweet on Sunday, serving up the SoundCloud link with the post. "SUNDAY MUSiiC JUST WANT TO GiiVE MUSiiC TO MY CORE FANS 🔥💪🏾💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽 EVERYBODY "ARMS" RiiGHT NOW ON MY SOUNDCLOUD … GO!" he wrote.

The new 16yrold-produced track features what sounds like some accordion with a repetitive hook. With both of those elements working together, it's pretty easy to find yourself zoning out as you vibe out to the track.

"Arms, arms/Arms, arms/Arms, arms/Arms, arms/I got what you want, yeah, 40 in my arm, yeah/And they sound like bombs, yeah/And they going dumb, yeah," Desiigner raps in one part of the hook. From there, he works his way down and begins another part of the hook with "bombs," creating a chorus that sounds pretty much the same, complete with an identical set up.

His verses on the track are brief and pretty free associative, seemingly having little to do with the content of the hook. Still, that's pretty much what you should expect from the former XXL Freshman. It's more about a vibe and energy than anything else.

Check out "Arms" below.

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