Desiigner recently appeared on OG scientist, Bill Nye The Science Guy's new Netlfix show, Bill Nye Saves The World, to help display how climate change is altering our world.

On an episode titled Earth Is a Hot Mess, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper stops into a bodega to get a couple of chocolate bars. But when he goes to make his purchase the candy disappears. He is then informed by the show's correspondent that the region where the cocoa plants derives from is being affected by climate change, so chocolate bars will soon have a limited quantity.

In another scene, the "Timmy Turner" MC goes to cop some sushi, only to learn that the fate of the mouth-watering dish will soon be the same as chocolate because of climate change and over fishing. "That's terrible, man," he remarks.

The same thing happens when he goes to buy some coffee. The Brooklyn MC even learns that his beloved panda is being endangered by rising temperatures throughout the globe. Super bummer.

This isn't the first time the beloved Science Guy has crossed paths with hip-hop to get a point across. He recently tapped Tyler, The Creator to do the theme song for his show. Last year, he rapped on Baba Brinkman’s “What’s Beef?,” off Brinkman's science rap project, The Rap Guide To Climate Chaos.

Check out Desiigner finding out the sad news about climate change below.

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