From the wreckage of Raider Klan emerged Denzel Curry. The Miami rapper's 2013 full length, Nostalgic 64 was highly acclaimed, and though solo work has been sparse, he's filled the intervening time with numerous guest verses and a tour with Deniro Farrar. To sate fans thirsty for his music, Curry posted "Certified" to his SoundCloud earlier, accompanied with the following message:

It's been awhile since I dropped some solo shit, Appreciate ya being so patient while we finish up the next album. Dropping this for my fans, this won't be featured on the next project though. Just some cool shit to start 2015 with. Shout out to all the fans I met on tour this past year. 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms coming very soon. New year. New sounds. 2055. C9 Is the future.

"Certified" is typical (and excellent) Curry; the violence and "I fucked your bitch" bravado of trap raps collide with Curry's love for spacey beats. Curry is the rare type of rapper whose menace doesn't muddle his lyricism, even when backed by bombastic instrumentals. "Certified" is part of DJ Dza's Rap and Bullshit Pt. 2 mixtape. 32 Zel and Planet Shrooms are, according to Curry, his upcoming "double EP" (rather than a single LP).