Dee-1's 2014 track "Against Us" was a powerful record. The New Orleans rapper has decided that it was time to revisit that track with a remix. Dee-1 brought along a little back-up this time around as Big K.R.I.T. and Lupe Fiasco lend their talents to the new version.

All three rappers put on an impressive performance as Dee-1 adds a brand new verse to the track. Dee-1 and Lupe Fiasco do their thing on the Rico Beats production, but Big K.R.I.T. absolutely rips it apart on the second verse.

"Forgive us for our flexing and our selfish ways/And overlook the days that we ain't pray after getting paid/A product of our environment/They gave us crack, we sold it back/For golden rims and Gucci/Told us how to whip and move it/And like junkies just ain't human/Somebody momma, somebody father that was on they way to AA/Till they heard us holler base for the cheap/The value of black life has decreased/Police killing us for a bonus and paid vacay to the beach/The devil been busy I'm telling you/Beware what they selling you/Put on first and let 'em work when everything else failing you/We been in the club way too long my brother/When we gon teach 'em more than rapping, slug dealing and drug dealing, but how to love each other?/Raise the struggle, be off of rubble/And do more than just tweet/Mad about it, emoji sad, Instagram, hashtag about it/I don't mean to nag about it/But we got to fight the evil, raise the flag about it," Big K.R.I.T. raps.

If you are feeling this new version of "Against Us," you can download it right now via this link. And don't forget to pick up the original version from the 3's Up EP.

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