It was only a matter of time until Dave East tackled the "Mask Off" beat. The Harlem MC puts his spin on Future's hit single for a brand new Eastmix. The "Paper Chasin" rapper shines on the Metro Boomin beat, dropping quality rhymes over the flute-heavy production.

“The trap, I can go back any minute/Any privilege got me looking at these bitches really different/Shot a video in the 30's, guess he really tripping/Never penny pitching, the Henny going then we Remy sipping//Hard to kill, sober brought painkillers on any mission/Paranoia ready, Miami just to let Diddy listen/Back and forth about who the hottest, got the whole city riffing/I ain't never leased phone 'posits I wore my penny's different/Gave my cuzo life so fuck it, I take a million visits/Diamond district, I left with water now I got women kissing/Follow niggas right where they living, nothing about me timid/Foreign drop, dash 220 moving a mile a minute/Mama disappointed with my mugshot I was smiling in it/We blessed on the Benz, place it, King Khaled kid it,” East raps.

East's take on "Mask Off" arrives a week after he took a crack at Drake's "Free Smoke." The new additions to his Eastmix collection are meant to give fans a little something to enjoy while they wait on his Paranoia project, which is coming soon.

Listen to Dave East's "Mask Off" remix below.

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