Besides his hair and epic laugh, Detroit MC Danny Brown's signature is his snaggle-toothed grin. As the story goes, Brown chipped his Chiclets when he was hit by a car in a KFC parking lot before his rapping fame. Being the eccentric person that he is, he embraced his chip-toothed grill. Recently, reports surfaced saying the rapper had a change of heart and (like many rappers in the industry) decided to get some veneers. Adding to the story, KFC was said to have covered the cost. A picture even surfaced of Brown grinning ear-to-ear with what seems to be a fixed mug. Those reports are false according the Old MC. Danny recently took to Twitter to shoot down the reports, typing, "I aint got my damn teeth fixed...Y'all resharded." So, there you have it. Chipped tooth, don't care.

In other news, Brown's latest album, Old, debuted at No. 17 on the US Billboard 200. Check out Danny's faux grill, below.