As a part of the Red Bull Music Academy's UK tour, Danny Brown headed to Glascow to chop it up with journalist Hattie Collins. Brown discussed his father's love for house music, his mother lover for R&B, when he got his first Walkman, Wu Tang Clan and working in the studio with Nicki Minaj before they were famous. He shared a story about a time they were recording a song together and he wrote his verse in 30 seconds while Nicki had writer's block. After she was chastised by other people in the studio the Queen of the Barbz left the studio crying. Brown also praises Nicki and considers her one of the best female artists to ever do it. Read his story below:

"Nicki was just coming up with me. That's why I give her a lot of props—because as hungry as I was, she was probably ten times as hungry. I was a little older, and I was still in the streets, I was still hustling...she was always in competition with all the dudes that was there, so that's why I don't doubt for a bit that that's where she's at because she wasn't playing no games. With me, I was probably playing games!

Like she cried in the studio one day, I remember we was doing a song together and I wrote my verse in like thirty seconds and went and recorded and and she was stuck. Everybody in the studio was baiting her, like, 'You can't come up? Danny killed you, you can't write a verse?' And she cried and left the studio. Now she's fucking number one fucking female artist in the world. That's what it takes if you want to be the best, you got to cry when Danny Brown write a verse!"

The Detroit native also talks about a number of topics, including playing the trumpet as a kid, fajitas being the best food in jail, what it was like to write songs for Detroit State of Mind in prison and feeling like he lost his touch, living in the social sphere and working with Fool's Gold. Watch the full hour long interview below.

In other news, Danny spoke with Dazed Digital about his children's book he's writing. It was perviously reported that D.B. has been working on a children's book about self-esteem in black women.

"The first one I want to write is about self-esteem, in terms of women," he said. "Because I talk so much about getting my dick sucked, and so much misogyny, I gotta right all my wrongs! I have a daughter. You can't have all negative, you gotta have some positive to it. So if I make these rap songs about all this misogyny, I need to write books."

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