Sway was recently in Detroit when he got a chance to sit down with one of the city's most important MCs – Danny Brown. His new album Atrocity Exhibition is on the way, and he told Sway that A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q helped him craft it.

"I wrote it for two years and I recorded it for a year," says Danny around the 5:00 mark. "I recorded most of it in London with Paul White, who produced most of it, and then I played it for a lot of the homies. I'd be around A$AP Rocky or Schoolboy." He goes on to talk about how he heard Schoolboy's whole album before it came out.

DB also explains how everything in his career so far has been building to this album.  "I feel like this is my career album," he says. "I built up everything I did for this album. This is full-fledged Danny Brown doing Danny Brown. Before then, you had to manipulate little things, dabble with certain sounds, but now I know what the Danny Brown sound is, so this album is that."

Atrocity Exhibition is his first album on Warp Records, and Danny says the label has been encouraging him to be weird as hell with it. Earlier this year he spoke on how fans shouldn't expect the same type of experimentation as there was on Old. We can't wait to hear what he's been cooking up.

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