Danny Brown gives his song "Ain't It Funny" the visual treatment with the help of Jonah Hill, who directs the new video. The two craft a bizarre video that imagines Brown as the uncle in an old sitcom.

Brown's antics aren't so much wacky as they are disturbing, complete with a cry for help regarding his drug abuse. The Detroit MC's Atrocity Exhibition cut only adds to the grim picture as he spits about his addiction.

"Staring in the devil face/But ya can't stop laughing/It’s a living nightmare/That most of us might share/Inherited in our blood/It's why we stuck in the mud/Can’t quit the drug use/Or the alcohol abuse/Even if I wanted to/Tell you what I’m gonna do/I’ma wash away my problems/With this bottle of Henny/Anxiety got the best of me/So popping them Xannies/Might need rehab/But to me that shit pussy/Pray for me y’all/Cause I don't know what coming to me," Brown raps.

On a lighter note, Brown recently revealed that he was the Detroit rapper who got Dave Chappelle high before a show in Motown.

“Haven’t seen Dave new special but heard he gotta bit about that night I got him stoned to the gills … momma I made it!!!, Brown wrote on Instagram.

Chappelle spoke about the incident in his new Netflix special. The comedian riffed on reports of him being drunk at a Detroit show and revealed that he simply smoked some potent weed.

“I don’t know if you ever saw on TMZ, the big headline: Dave Chappelle drunk on stage in Detroit,” Dave said during his show. “I wasn’t drunk. I had smoked some reefer with some rappers. I don’t know if you know anything about hanging out with rappers, but their weed is very strong – stronger than what I was accustomed to.”

Watch Danny Brown's "Ain't It Funny" video below.

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