Music producer Dame Dash and film director Lee Daniels made headlines earlier this year when the former confronted the latter over an unsettled financial situation stemming from over a decade ago. Now there is some closure on the matter.

According to a Nov. 27 report from TMZ, the pair have reached an agreement in the lawsuit Dash filed against Daniels.

As reported, the two decided to abandon taking things to court and settle the matter privately. Dash allegedly lent the then-aspiring director $2 million to fund 2005’s Shadowboxer and had not been paid back in all this time.

After a confrontation erupted at a Diana Ross concert earlier this year, Dash went on to file a $5 million lawsuit over the newly-publicized matter for interest and lost profits. After the argument hit the news cycle, Daniels vowed to make nice on the owed money and it turns out everything has since worked out.

It remains unknown how much money the director paid back but the reputed producer appears to be satisfied in the outcome.

“I'm good,” Dash shared with TMZ. “Just happy two people from the culture could work things out.”

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