Despite Dame Dash extending the olive branch over to Funk Flex a few weeks ago to end their beef, it seems he has some targets left on his radar. During an interview with VladTV, Dame Dash had his sights on demolishing music exec Lyor Cohen dubbing him  "a fake CEO."

"My beef was with Lyor cuz I think he's a fake CEO and he's fronting on my culture," said Dame" "But he can't front on anybody else. And I'm calling him out publicly. And I want him to stop trying to rape my culture.  Go make some money with some other people. Like stop having your agenda be hip hop."

Dame wasn't done dropping the hammer on Lyor there. He then blamed him for the Roc-A-Fella split. "I've never had beef with Jay. [It] was always with Lyor and his whole crew. He's on the one that ruined Roc-A-Fella."

Not too long ago, Dame also went on the attack by calling former Def Jam President Joie Manda a "culture vulture". Dash's insults towards Manda then  prompted Flex to jump into the ring and exchange blows with Dame. Though the Flex and Dame's beef appears to have scaled back, Mr. Dash seems poised in taking down Lyor.

Watch the interview below to hear Dame verbally spat out everything in the book to annihilate Lyor.