In November, Dae Dae teamed up with London On Da Track for their The DefAnition mixtape. Now, the Atlanta natives deliver the music video for the project's closing track, "Black Lives Matter."

The four-minute, 20-second visual is dedicated to former United States president Barack Obama. The clip features the song's lyrics popping up on the screen, whether on the street, the wall of a building, or on a person's skin. You can view the poignant video above courtesy of YouTube.

"You killing my skin (black)," Dae Dae raps. "You killing my colors (blue)/You killing my niggas (my kind)/Crazy motherfucker bitch/Like what is your reason? (really?)/I rap for a reason (I do)/I trap for a reason (my kids)/This shit here easy? No, no."

In case you missed it, Dae Dae dropped the Nitti Beatz and DJ Spinz-produced banger "Dem Days" about three weeks ago. The ATL artist had a huge 2016, during which he put out hits such as "Wat U Mean" and "Spend It."

In May 2016, XXL spoke with Dae Dae in an interview for The Break. “[My standout moment is] basically touching fans,” he says. “Them feeling the same story that I felt when I make a record. Just getting a reaction. Long as they love it, I like it. I had an older man who was a fan and he told me I was his motivation. He told me he’d wake up every day and listen to my songs.”

As aforementioned, you can check out the "Black Lives Matter" video above on YouTube.

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