DaBaby has just found himself in a violent conflict, and he's documented it with a series of videos.

On Saturday night (May 25), the 27-year-old used his Instagram account to upload videos of the moments before and after an apparent assault on a fellow Charlotte, N.C. rapper by the name of Cam Coldheart. In the first video, we can see a reposted version of a video Cam posted of himself dissing DaBaby while they're both inside of what Cam went on to say was a Louis Vuitton store. In the next video, DaBaby returns the talk, and after Cam lunges forward and throws a punch at the rapper, a fight ensues.

In the next clip in DaBaby's post, which features the caption, "When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong," we see DaBaby addressing his Instagram followers while announcing that he's beaten up the rapper. Then, he turns the camera lens toward Cam and we can see the rapper is bloodied and dazed as DaBaby laughs. In the footage, we can see that Cam's pants are down around his knees.

"Cam Coldheart, huh? Cam Coldheart. I'm the truth, nigga. Knocked him out," DaBaby said to his followers and Cam, the latter of whom had called him a "bitchass nigga" via overlaid Instagram text a short while beforehand. "Me, dolo. I'm the truth. Quit playing with me, boy. Pick your pants up, nigga!"

For his part, Cam responded by uploading a couple of Instagram posts in which he claims DaBaby wasn't fighting alone.

"Surround me. jump me. All dem hits...and Im good. These niggas scratching dats cool. Hit like hoes. Much love and succes to y'all playboy," Cam wrote in a caption for a video of himself addressing the incident.

In another video, Cam has a security guard in the Louis Vuitton come up to the camera in order to confirm his claim that DaBaby had the help of his security guard when the fight transpired. The security guard flashes two fingers to signify that he agrees with Cam's claim that two men—a big one and a small one—had attacked the rapper.

DaBaby and Cam had been feuding since at least this past February, with Cam accusing DaBaby of failing to properly represent Charlotte. DaBaby usually responded with an Instagram comment, but this time, things got physical.

This attack arrives just a little over a week after DaBaby's security was accused of beating a man so badly that he was left in a coma.

See parts of the scuffle and the aftermath of it, as well as Cam's responses to it for yourself below.

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