D Savage 3900 is back with new music. The West Coast rapper drops “Emotionless,” which is produced by Dylvinci. D Savage is one of the hottest rappers out right now and "Emotionless" will undoubtably be everywhere on the web soon.

"I talked to Satan in my sleep, I think he fuck wit me/Cause I'm a demon emotionless when I'm off the lean/I came from nothing to something my mama proud of me/No more depression, I'm flexing upon my enemies/I can't even go to sleep, cause my shadows after me," he raps.

"Emotionless" comes out after his two collabs, “Lit” and “Drop Top,” with Florida rapper GrownBoiTrap. Since breaking ties with Cutthroat’s Joey Fatts, D Savage is focused on dropping his highly anticipated D Phoenix project. XXL spoke to D for The Break and he explained how his only goal is to "shit on everybody” and become the next “Bill Gates, ‘cause that nigga rich as fuck.”

Bump "Emotionless" below.

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