California has a ton of talent right now, and D Savage is included in the discussion. The 19-year-old spitter drops off his latest video for "I Know," a quick ride through a night in his life.

The Pasqual Gutierrez-directed footage shows young D Savage driving his car around town, then turning up with his gang. In between scenes of him and his friends is concert footage, and a girl in a bathtub full of purple lean. The hazy visuals are shot with an effect that can only be described as a VHS recorded in a dream.

The shots of lean in the video make sense, when you catch what D Savage is saying on the track. "I just got some drop, go cop me a faygo/ Got groupie hoes on my dick and they do what I say so," he brags. "Went to the bank, then dipped to the crib so I can change clothes."

The new video is actually for 2017's "I Know II," which came out in 2017. D Savage was no slouch last year, also releasing "Drop Top" with GrownBoitTrap and "Emotionless."

In 2016, D Savage also caught up with XXL for an interview, where he revealed a surprising artist as one of his early introductions to music. “I grew up listening to Chief Keef and basically that’s it," he admitted. "I was bored in the studio one day and decided to make a song called '30 Round Clip.' I was 17 years old; I just turned 18 in July so this was a couple months ago. I didn’t plan on being a rapper at all."

Check out the video for D Savage's "I Know" below.

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