Fresh out of high school, Los Angeles youngin' D Savage 3900 made a splash online in a little under a year. The first song he ever made, "30 Round Clip," became an internet hit and has racked up nearly 3 million streams to date since he dropped it in January. After the 18-year-old rapper started to release new records over the following months, he quickly gained a buzz and local attention. D Savage would eventually link up with Long Beach native Joey Fatts to sign to his label, Cutthroat Records.

"Joey Fatts, he was friends with Ian Connor. It really all happened to be a social media meeting," D Savage tells XXL. "We linked up through social media. He DM’d me and it was just good chemistry. He was on the same shit I was on."

With close ties to fellow rappers such as Tyler, The Creator, Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky, D Savage put his attention towards hip-hop. Now with a few bangers under his belt, a growing fan base and an new EP on the way, things are looking bright for the Sake World member.

"I want to drop this EP that I got but once I get everything locked and ready to go I’m going to drop some more songs that’s not on my tape so that people can listen," he says. "I want to create more. I’m going to have an EP that people will go crazy for.  I’m happy that shit is going well. I know I’m not normal; I’m not a normal human being for a fact. I knew shit was going to happen. I didn’t know when, I didn’t know how but I’m ready."

Get familiar with D Savage 3900.

Name: D Savage 3900

Age: 18

Hometown: Born in Queens, N.Y. Raised in L.A.

I grew up listening to: “I grew up listening to Chief Keef and basically that’s it. I was bored in the studio one day and decided to make a song called '30 Round Clip.' I was 17 years old; I just turned 18 in July so this was a couple months ago. I didn’t plan on being a rapper at all. I was just in my friend’s studio and he left and I was in there by myself. I just decided I’m going to make a song, why not. I knew I had a good taste in music somewhat and boom I made it and it got a couple million plays on SoundCloud."

"[After I saw that] I said I guess I better make another song quick [laughs]. I knew Tyler, The Creator since…man, that’s my big brother. I knew him since the beginning of high school. I lived at his house when shit got tough and he just looked out. I knew him because we both grew up around the same areas. I moved from Queens to L.A. I was only in Queens for like two years, my mom just had me there and sent me back to L.A. because I got family I out there. With Fredo Sanatana, Ian Conner is also one of my big bros and Ian and Fredo used to be roommates. Me being friends with Ian and I’m friend with John Ross as well. It didn’t take much from us to link up. And he has a little homie name Baby CEO that I’m working with ‘cause his shit is fire."

"I never wanted to be rapper. That wasn’t my priority really. I was still in school, I was like, This shit is crazy, I’m up right now. It’s just been good ever since. Rapping is definitely something I’m going to continue doing."

Most people don’t know: “I’m 6-foot-1. I played basketball a lot but nigga I suck."

My style’s been compared to: “People try to compare me to Playboi Carti. I see why, that’s my big bro, I came up around the same SoundCloud genre. [My sound] now, I have a lot of songs that I haven’t dropped yet. My friends who’s been around me and I know my updated status on what I want my sound to sound like. If I make a song right now, you can definitely tell the growth from '30 Round Clip.' Like you see that I’m switching shit up and I’m talking about some shit. I’m growing as a rapper and getting out that wannabe SoundCloud phase and kind of just becoming an artist."

My standout records or moments to date have been: “I don’t think I have a standout moment yet. I haven’t even had a music video yet. I really don’t have much. I be thinking I’m still ain’t shit. I got the same car I’ve been having for like two years now [laughs]."

My goal in hip-hop is: “To shit on everybody."

I’m gonna be the next: “Bill Gates, ‘cause that nigga rich as fuck."

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