Things apparently aren't too peachy on the West. Actually, per Crooked I, the coast couldn't be more divided. While New West soldiers like Crooked, Glasses Malone and Spider Loc, among others, form a united front; they've received little to no love from their elders.

"It’s a lot of west pride, but it’s a lot of phony unity," Crooked told "It’s like, 'Let’s get on a mixtape together' and then, 'I don’t give a fuck what happens to you when you need a studio.' The radio stations need to be more in tune with what’s going on on the streets of the west, so the radio can even support more."

"The main unity we got on the West Coast is the New West movement," he continued. "If it wasn’t from the New West, it wouldn’t be no unity on the West Coast. What you got is dudes that’s up-and-coming and sick of the bullshit. And they’re like, 'we fin to band together.'"

While New York's front is arguably more fragmented than the West's, Crooked does give the big apple props on one thing.

"In the east back in the day, the OGs when they laid the foundation for hip-hop, they also did things to preserve it for the next generation," he explained. "That didn’t really happen on the West Coast, so the next generation is like fatherless kids."

"The OGs, I don’t see none of them niggas," he added. "None of them reach back, none of them try to help, none of them do shit, because they was raised in the old days. Get yours and fuck the rest." --Marvin Brandon

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