As a successful rapper, you're afforded some luxuries that most never get to experience, let alone imagine. For Cousin Stizz and Offset, that includes access to wild clubs with martial arts and also being able to rent out said club for just themselves. Just for a few minutes, step into the unpredictable lives of Stizz and Offset in their new video for "Headlock."

If you happen to meet a rapper and he or she invites you to a club that night, chances are you're going to accept. But if Cousin Stizz or Offset invites you to a club, you should most definitely attend and clear your night of anything else. That is, if you're at all interested in stepping into a club like the one in the "Headlock" video.

As Stizz and Offset walk through the club and generally enjoy themselves at their table, they're surrounded by a very dangerous and very beautiful group of women. Perhaps they serve as the bodyguards for the rappers or they're all simply close associates. Either way, you don't want to accidentally spill your drink on Stizz or Offset in the club with those ladies around.

Aside from the shots of the killer females sparring, director Walu adds some visual distortion to shots of Offset and Stizz to create a futuristic vibe, or the dizziness you might experience going out with either of them. The overall grandeur of the video may be attributed to Stizz's line: "And I must live what I cannot/Impossible? Why the hell not."

"Headlock" will be on Cousin Stizz's upcoming album One Night Only. While you wait for that, you can also cop a vinyl copy of his last project, Suffolk County.

Watch the "Headlock" video below.


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