Common's Def Jam debut Nobody's Smiling is in stores and he's still on the promo grind. The latest stop is with veteran host Larry King. Com talked with King, who was joined by NBA player Baron Davis, and spoke about his songwriting process, the state of the music industry and his use of nigga in his lyrics. He boiled down he use to connecting with his audience.

"I believe it was Malcolm X who said you have to speak in the language of the people," Common said.

He also talked his friendship with Davis. The Chi-town vet detailed meeting the baller at an NBA event where he performed and noticing that he was one of the few players rocking with him. Baron later helped Common when he played an NBA player in the movie Just Wright.

Last week, DJ Khaled talked with Larry King about Jay Z's creativity working with Jay Z, mistakes a lot of young rappers are making now-a-days and his eagerness to work with Eminem.

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