Comethazine is steadily making noise as an artist to be on the lookout for. Friday (April 6), the East St. Louis, Ill. rhymer dropped off his new "Sticks Out the Window (Remix)" featuring South Florida artist Wifisfuneral.

DJ Mustard comes up with hard soundscape that sounds more dreamy and has less bouncy than his normal concoctions. Comethazine utilizes the slow flow over the track. "Aye, jump out the drop top (drop top bitch)/Jump off the Porsche then I start selling crack rocks," the "Let It Eat" rapper rhymes. "I got a beam with a fat Glock, aye (fat Glock)/Beam so I make sure that motherfucker top drop/Ooh, lean in a 3 cup/Lean what I sip when I'm finna spark some trees up."

Wifi shows a bit more lyrical dexterity on the track spitting, "Yah, aye/Choppa bustin', rounds on flick mode/If I pull up on this bitch/See suck the tip that's off the wrist tho/On the low, I'm out here looking for a freak ho/Yo, I just came up off a lick, my life a cheat code."

This joint definitely thumps.

Comethazine, the latest signee on the Alamo Records roster, recently talked to XXL about his come up for The Break. The 19-year-old rapper, who has created a buzz with tracks like "Hella Choppers" and "Piped Up," revealed he wants to be the next Rick James. "He was just saucy, bro," he said. "Like the movie Pootie Tang—he was like that. He didn't even have to make music to be popping."

Listen to Comethazine's "Sticks Out the Window (Remix)" featuring Wifisfuneral below.

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