Most of Comethazine's  songs only last about two minutes, but in that time, listeners get to hear plenty of aggressive gunplay courtesy of the East St. Louis, Ill.'s typically frenzied delivery. Co takes the same approach with his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle.

For this one, the 20-year-old rhymer only raps for about 25 seconds, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a potent audio snapshot of his style. He even gives some background on how he came to be the way he is.

"Used to be hurt for the cash, now that I'm rich I can sit on my ass/AK-47 mag, switch it from semi to full automatic/I got me a bitch, she the baddest/But she tryna leave me, she don't like my habits," Co spits.

Elsewhere in the verse, Co gets a bit more personal than usual before jumping into some flexes. "Niggas wonder why I'm savage, you ain't never put your buddy in a casket/Came off a clean 50 for a bezel, 80 for the neck and five for the jacket," he continues at another point of his freestyle. Fittingly enough, he closes things off with his signature demented smile.

With millions of YouTube videos and two high-octane projects at his back, Comethazine is doing big things in 2019 and beyond. Speaking with XXL on the day of the Freshman shoot, the Bawskee 2 rapper explained what he brings to the table.

"What I'm bringing to the game is just a certain sound that's different than everybody else—some shit that everybody can't do. Feel me, everybody tried, but they suck at it," Co tells XXL. "As an artist, I bring a lot of not giving a fuckness."

Peep Comethazine's 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle for yourself up top.

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