In what can arguably be considered a hip-hop public service announcement, Malice - one half of the Virgina rap duo Clipse - put out a short video on his newly launched blog to address his real life versus the drug-dealing life he rhymes about.

As previously reported Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez, an associate of the Clipse,  was recently indicted for running a $10 million drug ring in Virgina Beach.

Without specifically mentioning the situation, Malice released a Vlog speaking about how his rap verses are more fantasy than reality. “There’s a lot of foolishness in hip-hop as my grandmother would say,” he said. “And I just want to say that I am and have been a part of the problem, the thing about it is I need foolishness in my hip-hop, I need foolishness in my movies. I happen to like that. To me a movie is not good unless you got some bricks being moved or a few people get killed.” [Watch Below]

“I guess basically what I’m saying is when I get in that booth and I start recording I can drive as many Bentleys as I want,” he continued. “I can hop on as many G5’s or drop as many tops as I want.“ Later contrasting that image with his real car, an SUV that he notes, doesn’t even have “rims.”

A rep for the group told that the video was shot prior to Tuesday’s (April 28) report revealing the drug scandal. – Elan Mancini