Tupac Shakur is a nominee to be inducted into the class of 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Today (Oct. 21), hip-hop legend Chuck D takes to Facebook and says LL Cool J deserves a spot before 'Pac.

The Public Enemy rapper explains that he's got love for Shakur, but in his opinion, LL should be inducted into the Hall of Fame first. Chuck D posts a photo of LL Cool J and types, "Got forever love for PAC BUT there AIN’T a solo rap act that should get in the RRHOF before LL Cool J. I don’t care about what naysayers think." You can view the post in its entirety below via Chuck D's official Facebook account. What do you think?

In case you missed it, back in July, Chuck D voiced his opinion on presidential candidate Donald Trump. He said, “I’m a musician, so I can say things like ‘He’s stupid’ and ‘This convention is stupid for having him.’ How about that? He’s out of his mind. Black Lives Matters is a narrative full of all kind of people who answer a question like ‘if we don’t matter than no one matters.’ For the longest period of time, Black lives seeming didn’t matter. 30 years ago Reverend Jesse Jackson talked about the economic divide, the education divide, the divide on enforcement, the divide on the environment. They have widened."

He continued, "There’s been anger by youth who have grown into adults over the last 30 years and the narrative in the United States of America is ‘Y’all should be happy cause you got a Black president.' He’s the United States of America’s president not the black communities president.” Additionally, at SXSW this past March, the Public Enemy frontman shouted “Black Lives Matter! Fuck Donald Trump!” while on stage.

As aforementioned, you can check out Chuck D's post about LL Cool J/2Pac below via Facebook.

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