Chuck Strangers season approaches. Over the last few months, the Pro Era MC's been prepping his forthcoming Consumers Park album, and recently, he dropped off "Style Wars," a self-produced, Joey Bada$$-assisted cut from the project.

The new track is a meditative one that finds both rappers reflecting on the state of hip-hop, which is something neither rapper appears to be too happy with. Leading things off is Strangers. Who takes us across a smooth instrumental and through his past and present before touching on the condition of modern rap.

"We past the days of 'Yes, y'all and'/Most of my heroes ain't balling, they falling/Step behind with the lord//Can you counteract the allure and still score?/But what's the higher level if your shit ain't real/But my niggas be like playing they selves to have mass appeal," Strangers raps at the very end of his verse.

Taking the thematic baton from Strangers is Bada$$, who has frequently made known his distaste for modern rap. He wastes zero time getting to the heart of his message.

'Style Wars, it ain't even 'bout the bars no more/Niggas just show boat, but really they got no flow/Mainstream sailing, gently down the stream/Flopping out the waterfall, a dollar and a scheme," he spits, showcasing some solid wordplay in the process.

Strangers' Consumers Park, which includes features by Kirk Knight, Bada$$ and Issa Gold and is produced almost entirely by Strangers himself, drops on March 16. Listen to "Style Wars" for yourself below, and when you're done with that, check out his video for "Fresh." 

Chuck Strangers' Consumers Park Tracklist

1."Backwood Falls"
2."Thoro Hall" featuring Kirk Knight
3."Style Wars" featuring Joey Bada$$
4."1010 Wins Pt. 1 & 2"
5."The Evening"
6."Syl’s Song"
7."Class Pictures"
8."Lorimer Street"
9."Riis Beach"
10."Peaceful" featuring Issa Gold
11."A Pause For Peace" featuring Joey Bada$$
12."Two Pit Bulls"
13."No Dice"

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